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Why choose sweet baby diaper

Sweet Moments with Mommy and Baby!

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Laging Sweet ang Moments ni Mommy and Baby!

SweetBaby Diaper and Wipes keep your babies dry, clean, and comfortable while giving sweet parents the best value for their money. With these high-quality yet affordable products, there are more sweet moments with SweetBaby!


We are trusted by parents all around the country. As we continue to grow, we will always focus on affordability and quality of our diapers above all else. There’s no sweetest moment than a mom taking care of her baby, that’s why It is our pride and joy to be part of a mom’s journey through motherhood, and our pleasure that generations to come, they would be able to look back and be proud of using Sweetbaby Diapers and Wipes.

Make moments count as we build a better world for our babies when they grow up. Guiding them in the ways of life and helping them become the person that they want to be. Being their light means a lot for them, and as parents, that’s what we will be. From toddlers to up to that day that they create their own family, this will always be the moment that they will come back to. We’re glad that Sweetbaby is part of it.


Eco-hygiene Institutional Sales Corporation is a member of the Quanta Group of Companies that caters to institutional customers like hotels, resorts, restaurants, hospitals and private government offices.


We are also the makers of SweetBaby Diaper and Wipes and PrimeCare Adult Diapers. Want to know more about our products? Visit the website now.


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