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Avoid Feeding Your Baby These Food

Salt. Spices like stock cubes, gravy, and instant foods are all very high in salt content. These are the types of food that you should avoid feeding your baby. some of these include bacon, sausages, chips, ready meals and fast food takeaways.

Sugar. Your little one does not need sugar at all. Sugar causes tooth decay and therefore won't be helpful to your baby's growth and development. Sugary snacks and drinks (yes, even fruit juice!) are some of the sugary foods you have to avoide feeding your little one.

Saturated Fat. Even in adults, saturated fat causes increase in cholesterol and therefore increases the risks of heart disease. In the same way, it is not advisable to allow your little one to eat food with a high content saturated fat. Surprisingly, our favorite biscuits are one of the foods with high saturated fat content. Go easy on the biscuits, #SweetMommy!

Honey. Sometimes, even though honey can seem harmless, it contains bacteria that can produce toxins that are harmful to the baby's intestines. A #SweetBaby hack is to wait until your little one is over a year old before you feed them honey.

Whole nuts and peanuts. As these can easily cause choking, it is highly dangerous to feed your little one peanuts during his first year. If they are crushed or in the form of smooth butter, then it is safe, but allergies are also very important to take notice of. To discover your baby's allergies, allow ample time to discover their eating behaviors and consult your GP for advice.

Raw and lightly cooked eggs. From around 6 months, your little one can start having eggs. However, raw eggs including uncooked cake mixture and other recipes with uncooked eggs are highly risky so we recommend you to avoid feeding this to your little one.


Your baby's early nutritional development is detrimental not only to his health but also safety. While it's a terrifying time for your as a mom, take comfort in guides and lists like this to help you out and guide you through your early childhood feeding journey with your little one!