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What I Eat In a Day: Baby Edition

Here's some #SweetMommy cooking inspo for your little one!

Breakfast ideas 

  • low sugar cereal mixed with whole milk, topped with pear or banana
  • biscuit cereal with milk and fruit
  • minced apples, low-sugar breakfast cereal, unsweetened yoghurt 
  • toast, mashed banana and peanut butter!
  • toast, hard-bolied egg, tomato, and mashed banana
  • muffin fingers with scrambled eggs and tomato slices

Lunch ideas

  • cauliflower, cheese, and pasta
  • baked beans, toast
  • scrambled egg with toast, minced vegetable mix
  • bread and cheese, cucumber and carrot sticks

Snack ideas

  • carrot or cucumber sticks
  • strips of chicken breast meat
  • hard boiled eggs
  • omelette fingers
  • diced or minced fresh fruits such as apple pear, or banana!

Dinner ideas 

  • soft-cooked vegetables such as broccoli or cauliflower
  • carrot or cucumber sticks and mashed avocado
  • unsalted and unsweetened rice or corn cakes
  • mashed sweet potato with cauliflower
  • rice and minced chicken
  • rice and mashed salmon[
  • steamed fish fillet with potato, broccoli and carrot

More nutritional #SweetBaby tips for you and your baby

Iron is important for your child's development. Iron from meat and fish, and also iron from plant foods are both necessary for his nutritional development. A lack of iron can easily cause iron-deficiency anemia which can affect your child's physical and mental development.

Before they turn 2, young children need the energy and vitamins only provided by fat. Whole milk, yogurt, cheese and oily fish - these types of food are very important to provide your little one the right amount of fat crucial for their health.