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Play Time is #Sweet Mommy and Baby Time!

The benefits of playing on your child's development are countless. It touches on everything from their mental, emotional, to their physical health. A playful attitude benefits your little one's well being and boosts his emotional quotient even as he grows up.

The long term positive effects of playing does not only benefit your little one, but also you. Playing with your baby during his formative years teaches you to respect, trust, and love your child's decisions and also creates a much higher emotional quotient for you!


Here are other benefits of playing to you and your child!

Play motivates imagination and creativity. The ability to make believe and create is a way to boost not only your child's development but also his confidence. In symbolic play, kids develop the ability to imagine one object as another. This ability, although not noticeable at first, develops their ability to learn new skills and solve problems.

Play paves the way for cognitive growth. Our brains are made up of chemicals and in turn, a lot of chemical processes are carried out during thinking. When playing, these chemical processes are enhanced and the neural connections within the brain are improved and increased. Play is not just an imaginatively fun activity for your kid, it's also a chemically-proven helpful activity for the brain.

Play helps children grown emotionally and behaviorally. Anxiety, stress, and irritability are also present in the young child's brain. Unlike adults like us who are more inclined to a lot of activities that soothe us, children are inclined to only play. Playing boosts their joy and self-esteem. During play, your little one's emotions are more intact and they are more moderated. This way, when your little one grows older, he knows well how to explore, negotiate, collaborate and speak up for themselves.

Play encourages learning and independence. Playing by themselves allows children to build a strong sense of independence. It makes them more comfortable to make decisions on their own and trusting their own choices. These skills will also be helpful once they have to collaborate with other people as they are more confident to be heard.

Play provides your little one with the kind of brain stimulation and physical development he can never find elsewhere. What makes it better is that you can take part in all of these exciting discovery while your little one is still small enough to play with you!

Make these exploratory moments sweeter by making sure that your baby is using the best diaper, so you and your little one can enjoy play time for hours and hours!

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