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The Three T's of Baby's Physical Development

The first five years of a child is characterized by rapid development in the physical, communicative, cognitive, social, and emotional areas of their life.

Each of these areas have ups and downs of their own that are great opportunities for you to be a crucial part of your little one's growth. Sweet Mommy, here are the 3 T's of physical development to help you guide your baby's physical development!

Tummy Time. Placing your baby in a prone position (on his stomach) while he is awake helps his neck and torso much stronger so he can start sitting up early, crawling and walking.

Toys. Placing toys nearby can give your baby opportunities to explore his own movements. Oftentimes, moms mistake toys for distractions but the right toys will even prove helpful to a baby's physical development. An easy game of ball as you gently roll it and ask your little one yo roll it back to you is a great way to exercise their coordination. Toys with moving parts that stay attached are also a great way to introduce your little one to the whole concept of movements.

Turn the music up! Play videos and sing songs that require you and your little one to move! Let him imitate easy dance steps that won't only train him how to move but also introduce words and phrases that encourage physical movements. You can even play parade and let your little one follow your every movement, whether he is at a point of walking or crawling.

Aside from the 3Ts, there are more creative and practical ways to encourage movement from your little one! Asking them to help you in doing very light household chores or play room cleaning time can increase both his physical development and positive attitude as well.

Enrolling your little one in early sports can also be a great way to strengthen their physical development and can even build a strong sense of recreation in them, so it’s easy for them to find a hobby when they grow up. 

If you feel a little bit more creative than usual, build easy DIY obstacle courses at home that will surely be fun and exciting for your little one!

Encouraging physical development in your kid is not only important but memorable season in your motherhood and in his formative years. Make these moments sweeter with Sweet Baby diapers! 

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