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Tips on Diapering: Getting Down to It

Newborns usually require diaper change from 10 to 15 times a day. Essentially, diaper change is an opportunity for you to make it a special mom-baby bonding time for talking and playing with your baby. But for any first-time Mom (or not), diapering is an incredibly nerve-wracking process! Here is Sweet Baby Diaper’s guide to a fun diapering time for Mom and Baby!

Getting Down to It:

Before and after changing, wash your hands first. After that, station your baby on a flat, safe surface where he is comfortable. Our #SweetBabyMomHack is the floor! Keep both your eyes and at least one hand on your baby at all times. Start by removing the diaper. Then, wipe the diaper area with a warm washcloth or hypoallergenic baby wipes. Pat the area with a warm dry cloth or air dry. As much as possible, avoid using powder during this time unless you are sure it won't cause breathing difficulties.

Remember that a baby girl requires a different diapering method from a baby boy. A baby girl requires your wiping movement to go from front to back without any need to clean inside the vagina. A baby boy requires you to avoid pulling the foreskin of his penis back. Before securing the diaper, make sure that the baby's penis is pointing down to avoid pee from streaming up the diaper front.

One of the biggest hurdles of Mommies when it comes to diapering in these early stages is rashes. Because the skin of babies this age is incredibly tender, they are most likely to be irritated even by the slightest wrong rub. Sweet Baby PH has five tips you can keep in mind so your baby’s skin will stay rash-free!

  1. Avoid the use of irritants to clean. Soaps and lotions are good products to use for babies but as much as possible, do not risk your newborn baby’s skin yet. 
  2. Keep the skin dry by changing the diapers right away after they are soiled.
  3. Give your baby’s skin plenty airtime! After removing the diaper, let the soiled area be exposed to the air for about 15 minutes. Make this a time for play so the baby (and you) won't get bored!
  4. Once it's dry, apply any cream or petroleum jelly to soothe the skin. Make sure the product you use is safe for your little one!
  5. Make the best diaper choice for you and your baby. Sweet Baby diapers have a wetness indicator to let Mommy know it's changing time! It also has breathable cottony covers to provide comfort for your baby's skin and soft elastic waistbands too. With ultra absorbent care and fun diaper designs for both Mommy and baby, make your diaper changing moments sweet with Sweet Baby diapers!