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Labor Pain: 5 Ways to Easier (And Less Painful) Labor

Labor pain can be definitely every expecting mom's worst nightmare. But there is no better way to manage it than learning all you can so you can prepare your mind and body for when it's finally time for you to welcome your little one.

Pain during labor is caused by the contraction between the uterus and the pressure on the cervix. It can feel like extreme cramps in the abdomen, groin, and back area and can also affect the sides and thighs. While it is impossible for labor to be painless, it is possible to lessen the pain by doing some very easy steps while you are still in your pregnancy stage. Here ar 5 medicine-free ways to relieve labor pain during pregnancy: 

1. Find a comfortable position for you and your baby. The hours of labor can be long so you might want to consider changing your position every now and then. This helps move the pelvis bones helping your baby move and find the best fit as they try to come out of your belly. It is recommended for you to do this every 20 to 30 minutes or as often as you feel you need to.

2. Walk. Walking during labor will make the contractions come closer together. Now walking can also make them stronger, but if you are walking, moving around, and standing, you will be able to cope with them easier. Walking regulates the contractions so make you sure you keep walking as they would get more painful once you stop.

3. Find fun distractions! Listening to music, watching your favorite show, or reading your favorite book can help get your mind off the pain of labor. So when you're ready to go to the hospital, make sure you pack yourself a fun distraction kit!

4. Have a nice sit! Since every labor is different, try to find a sitting position that works for you. For some expecting moms, sitting backwards on a chair and leaning forward against the back of a chair helps to forgo of some of the back pressure of labors. For others, sitting while facing the back of a toilet can help relax the pelvic muscles during back labor. A good sit always helps!

5. Listen to your body and create your own labor rituals. Go get creative in observing your own body during labor especially during contractions. We know this kind of presence of mind is difficult to come by especially when the pain is strong, but it would really help if you can find your own unique way through whether that's leaning forward or resting your head in the most unexpected places. 

Above all else, remember that labor is the process where you guide your baby out of your womb and into the world. Your movement is integral to the way your baby is going through the whole process of it as well. So get creative and own your labor journey, Mommy!