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The Ultimate Pregnancy Checklist

Let’s sort those pregnancy fears out by taking things one step at a time.

Pregnancy can be quite an unpredictable period for any expecting mom. But there isn't anything a proper to-do list can't sort right? Here are 10 things (and in chronological order!) we recommend you to tick off if you're expecting:

1. Put a stop to your unhealthy habits like smoking and alcohol intake. Having fun now that you're pregnant would be totally different. Your baby's needs will now come first and that includes your fully healthy body! If smoking or alcohol has been your hobby in the past, you might want to say goodbye to them for now. 

2. Start eating a healthy pregnancy diet. Taking care of your baby does not only begin once they're out in the world. It begins the moment their heart pumps inside your womb. Naturally, everything you do to your body also affects them. MAke sure to provide your baby the right amount and balance of nutrients they need to grow and develop properly.

3. Get into a consistent exercise routine that's safe for pregnant women. If labour pain scares you as much as it should, exercising during pregnancy is one way to lessen it. Aside from the fact that it will help you maintain a healthy weight during your pregnancy, it's a wonderful way to shake off those labour fears!

4. Plan a gender reveal party with your friends and family! You are most likely to have less energy to spend with friends and family but an intimate gathering with some of your closest loved ones to celebrate the gender of your baby will prove to be helpful to you as an expecting mom. This will help you feel connected to your social circle and will help you feel supported as you approach the latter months of your pregnancy.

5. Look for and start taking childbirth and breastfeeding classes. If you are a first time mom, it would be extremely helpful to educate yourself about the ins and outs of pregnancy and motherhood. Preparation is always at the core of every successful plan so get a headstart and increase your confidence by taking a class or two!

6. Create your birth plan. A birth plan is a record of how you want things to go during your labour and after the birth. This will help everybody be on the same page as you once your delivery day comes because let's face it - you probably won't be the calmest person in the room that day! Include how you want the atmosphere to be, how you want to experience labour, and whether or not you would like to take in pain medications.

7. Research for pediatricians around the area and get ready to decorate that cute nursery room! After shopping and decorating your baby room with the cutest butterflies or toy cars, include in your list a comprehensive range of doctors you can easily set appointments with after the baby comes. This will ease your worries about what numbers to call and what address to drive or head to during those sudden moments post birth.

8. Count your baby's kicks! Identify patterns and let your doctor know about them. This might also be a good time to pack your hospital bag with things that are useful for you, your partner, and your baby.

9. Wash all the baby clothes, baby sheets, linens, and other similar things as you prepare to welcome your newborn. While you’re in the delivery room, it’s important to stock up on all your baby needs in the nursery room so you would be ready during post-birth, as your baby is growing up! While at it, fill in your diaper stash with quality affordable Sweet Baby diapers! Sweet baby is a quality pinoy brand of diapers made for wise budget moms like you.

10. Attend all of your doctor's appointments and keep check of your overall health. Your presence of mind will be very related to your level of preparation during your entire pregnancy process. Make sure you ease any fear or doubt by involving your doctor every step of the way.


Preparing for your baby's birth can be scary and nerve wracking, but it can also be fun and exciting if you make it so. Don’t forget to include Sweet Baby in your baby needs and have fun ticking items off this pregnancy checklist! With Sweet Baby, every moment is sweet with you and your little one!