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What Happens To Your Body When You’re Expecting: A Month-by-Month Pregnancy Guide

 When It All Begins

Nine months is an excruciatingly long time to begin with and with a baby growing inside you, long might be an under describing adjective. But what exactly happens to a woman's body during each month of expecting? Here's a quick glimpse.

Did you know that the moment you get your last period is the exact same moment when your pregnancy begins? That’s as far as the medical community is concerned. Typically, this means that on Month 1, it might be possible not to even feel any symptoms that you are pregnant. However, it is during this month that you will feel more tired than usual, pee-ish all the time, with tender breasts and sick every morning. 

Month 2 is when your body goes through a lot more changes, rapidly at that, compared to your first month. It's important that you visit an obstetrician during this time of your pregnancy so you could see the development of the embryo inside your womb. If you didn't experience symptoms during your first month, you will most likely begin to experience them at this time. But the fascinating thing about it is that not only you, but your baby also goes through various changes. It begins to develop its spinal cord, brain and even its nervous system! Fingers, toes, eyes, and ears also start to form as you bid goodbye to month 2. 

At the beginning stage of month 3, you might want to get used to not feeling the honeymoon stage anymore, although it is still nothing short of wonderful. The best thing about month 3 is that the risk of getting a miscarriage is significantly lower so you can begin bearing the great news to your loved ones. During this month, a lot of physical changes occur and they aren't all pink-pretty. You will have worse morning sickness and some parts of your body, most especially the breasts, will start to grow bigger.

Meanwhile, inside your womb, your baby will have developed sex organs already by this time. Also, the bones that began forming in the previous month begin to harden during this period.


Welcome to your second trimester!

Month 4 kicks off your second trimester which means you would feel less of the symptoms which you've felt during your first trimester. (Yay!) Your baby is now fully formed and will begin full growth and development. During these weeks, you might feel more out of breath than usual and would probably feel slightly dizzy occasionally. You will most likely experience back pains but these back pains will probably be the best back pains you will feel as your baby bump will also begin to form during this time.

During month 5, the excitement just keeps on getting higher as you feel slight movements of your baby in your womb. You may probably not feel a proper kick yet (as everybody anticipates), but flutters are just as exciting for sure. This is also the time when hair would start growing on your baby's head! 

You, on the other hand, will experience almost the same symptoms as in the Month 4, except your breasts would most likely keep on significantly growing and your heartburn and shortness of breath would be more frequent. But remember that your heart is now pumping not just for one person, but two, so this is a natural course of things. 

The 6th month of pregnancy features more connection between you and your baby as you start to feel whenever they move, kick (or even get hiccups!) inside your womb. This is also the time when you start developing breast milk. Contractions that are most likely painless are very natural during this stage. It is considered as prep time for your body to experience labor pain. However, you might need to get checked if the contractions get too frequent and painful.

Month 7 is very similar to month 6, except that there is a high risk of premature birth. In the medical community, a baby is considered able to survive outside of the womb starting at this point although it is very possible that a baby won't survive, if not given the proper medical care. It is suggested to be doubly-cautious during this time. Otherwise, if there are no signs of premature birth, your bump will just keep on growing during this time as you continue to have the same month 6 symptoms.

The Third and Final Stretch

Month 8 is the beginning of your third trimester! Just a tiny bit more and it's time to say hello to your baby! During this month, your back pain and loose joints will feel worse as you have been carrying the full weight of your baby bump for the past eight months already. You'll be peeing a lot more often as your uterus begins to press more against your bladder. 

Now begins Month 9. This split second-like time between Month 9 and 10 is the time when your baby is fully formed and fully developed and by now has coordinated movements and reflexes. It won't need your womb anymore! 

By this time, you would have completed the forty weeks of your pregnancy. After all the hard work, difficult mornings and short sleep cycles, it’s time to congratulate yourself because any moment now, you will be welcoming your baby into the world!

Remember to be on the lookout for signs of labor and extreme contractions because mommy, it's time.

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