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Baby’s Behavior: The Decoding Process

Words are very important tools in order to understand each other. However, our toddlers and babies are still too young to even find (or produce) proper sounds! So how does a #SweetBaby mom understand her baby's behavior?

Noise and movements are the best ways that babies communicate. As mom, your challenge and duty is to observe those cues and take mental notes of them during his early years. Sucking or biting their hands are possible cues that they are hungry. An intent look in their eye indicates that they are listening to you and ready to follow or play with you.

A baby's first instinct at the time of birth is to cry. This is how they usually communicate about pain or frustration. Even toddlers who already know how to say a few words still resort to crying to communicate how they feel. Understanding your baby's different cries can be a big help for you to navigate their emotions properly.

Your baby's sleep speak so much about their emotions and how their minds work. In the same way that adult sleeping patterns are interconnected to their emotional and mental wellbeing, it goes the same way for babies and toddlers. An emotionally unstable baby might have more interrupted sleep than an emotionally stable one. Your baby might be hungry if he wakes up randomly at night. Your toddler might be anxious if he is not able to sleep properly for hours straight.

Calmer Days
On your baby’s calmer days, try to observe what puts him in a good, stable mood and set that environment for him during his more anxious days. A lot of reasons can cause anxiety to your baby - a new person visiting the house or even a bath. During these scary days, simulate his calmer days and make sure he feels safe to show his emotions.

Listening to your baby or toddler can be more difficult in his earlier years, but providing a safe space for your baby’s emotions is one of the best things you can do as a mom. Learning and understanding your baby’s behavior takes a lot of work so fasten your #SweetMommy seatbelt and enjoy the ride!